Human resource-600

Can you help me understand this Management question?

The empirical article is attached and you have to write 2 points(which is no. 5 and 6) of the 8 takeaway points.

The ‘8 Takeaways’ in navigating a empirical journal article includes:

1.Who Are the Researchers / Writers

2.Purpose: What Are They Researching

3.Research Design/Methodology: How Are They Researching It . Quantitative V Qualitative V Hybrid/Mixed Methods

4.Literature: What Exiting Literature / Concepts / Ideas/ Frameworks are they building on

5.Findings/Results: What Are the Results or Findings of their Research

6.Research Limitations/ Implications: What are the Limitations of the Research ? What would you do different next time to strengthen the research and improve its ‘generalizability’.

7.Practical Implications/Relevance: How Relevant , Applicable and Practical is the Research to a Manager working in an organisation

8.Originality/Value: What is novel or original about their research – has it been done before or not ? If not how is it different, eg. Different sector

After this you also have to answer few questions regarding the article which is included in the another attachment.

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