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We’re tackling two areas that are aghast with ageism: sexuality and the workplace. The messages we’re bombarded constantly emphasize that youth is sexy…unless you’re a man, then older is sexy too. Women pay an attractiveness penalty as they age and often fight hard against it with dyed hair, eye creams, spanx, plastic surgery, and more. But, some feminists see this penalty as liberation from the male gaze and the “shackles of sexuality” (Applewhite, 2016, p.130). Couple of things I thought about while reading: how will the generations raised on social media (and the plastic perfection on widespread display) cope with their aging bodies? What happens when there is no more filler or plastic surgery to deny one’s age? With the current mental health crisis among younger adults and older youth, I’m concerned about how this reality will affect them. I am also concerned with the dismissal of older adults in the workplace. Sadly, I know of even late-40 or 50 year olds who have been told they won’t be hired in certain fields because they are seen as “too old”. This type of discrimination, like many others, is extraordinarily difficult to prove, but in a society where the retirement age is becoming less and less fixed, I wonder where will these people work? More importantly, what are we losing if we don’t tap into their wisdom and insight?

I’m curious to see how you react to the content this week, what you connected with and what’s infuriating you. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! You must post before you can see others’ posts.

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