Hrmt- human resource 600

Need help with my Management question – I’m studying for my class.

Each week you will be expected to review and comment on a designated journal article on a particular HR topic.

You are expected to make at least One comment of a minimum of 300 words and a maximum of 600 words.

You are expected to leave at least One reply to an other’s student’s comment with a minimum of 100 words and a maximum of 200 words.

It must be completed by the Sunday midnight of the week following the date of posting by Instructor.

In both your initial comment and reply feel free to make links to other literature and material and ensure to provide the link to the source.

A legitimate comment can be very broad or very specific and maybe a particular observation or reflection on any issue be it theoretical or practical or both. You may wish to zone in on one or many of the “8 Takeaways” from a journal article

The ‘8 Takeaways’ in navigating a empirical journal article includes:

1.Who Are the Researchers / Writers

2.Purpose: What Are They Researching

3.Research Design/Methodology: How Are They Researching It . Quantitative V Qualitative V Hybrid/Mixed Methods

4.Literature: What Exiting Literature / Concepts / Ideas/ Frameworks are they building on

5.Findings/Results: What Are the Results or Findings of their Research

6.Research Limitations/ Implications: What are the Limitations of the Research ? What would you do different next time to strengthen the research and improve its ‘generalizability’.

7.Practical Implications/Relevance: How Relevant , Applicable and Practical is the Research to a Manager working in an organisation

8.Originality/Value: What is novel or original about their research – has it been done before or not ? If not how is it different, eg. Different sector

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