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W4L’s HR Director Sarah Walsh is in CEO Larry Anderson’s office again this morning to discuss Project Sparkle. Larry first praises Sarah for a job well done in conducting last week’s W4L employee training. He then wants Sarah to provide him a training plan that is specifically designed for Project Sparkle. Another task that Larry wants Sarah to take a lead on is to develop a performance appraisal method for Project Sparkle to evaluate the club managers in Paris.

Sarah then wants to discuss with Larry about providing supports to the new club managers working in Paris. Sarah understands that Larry is committed to giving full support to these soon-to-be expatriates before, during, and after their assignment in Paris, but she feels a bit overwhelmed about the scope of the support and what should be included. Larry explains that providing full support is not only W4L’s duty of care but also follows the company’s long tradition of always taking care of its employees since the company’s founding. Regarding the specific support, Larry tells Sarah that his brother Jim is a retired Air Force veteran. Larry remembers that when Jim and his family lived in Germany and then moved back later to the U.S., they received a lot of support from the Airman & Family Division that helped them tremendously. That reminds Sarah that her brother-in-law, a Navy sailor, once mentioned to her that U.S. Navy has a similar program called Fleet and Family Readiness. She will check out those programs and learn more about them.

Sarah tells Larry that she has scheduled a meeting with the independent HRM consultant this afternoon to discuss all these issues and will give Larry a report by Friday.

When leaving Larry’s office after the meeting, Sarah feels more confident and is very proud of how Project Sparkle is coming together through the hard work of all her colleagues. She is looking forward to the afternoon’s meeting with the consultant and continues to push Project Sparkle forward.


For this assignment, as an independent HRM consultant, you are required to write a paper to W4L’s CEO Larry Anderson and his leadership team. Your paper should address the following three issues:

1. Develop a Project Sparkle Training Plan for the new club managers in Paris to meet W4L’s business objectives and address specific position-related issues. The Training Plan should include both pre-departure and on-the-job training in Paris.

2. Decide the best expatriates’ performance appraisal method for Project Sparkle and provide a detailed explanation of the evaluation criteria to assess new international club managers’ job performances.

3. Make specific recommendations for W4L to provide expatriate support including pre-departure, during the assignments, and in repatriation.

Key Components Checklist:

O 1. Introduction: Provide the purpose and an overview of the paper;

O 2. Training Plan: Pre-departure and on-the-job training;

O 3. Performance Evaluation: Appraisal method and evaluation criteria;

O 4. Expatriates Support Recommendations: Pre-departure through repatriation;

O 5. Conclusion: Reiterate the key points and summarize the main takeaways of your paper;

O 6. References.

Format Checklist:

O Style: The third-person tone;

O Length: 7 to 8 pages, double-spaced, not counting the Title and References pages;

O Title Page: Your paper’s title, your name, course name, and the date of your submission;

O Section Titles: Label the six key components of your paper with section titles;

O APA: Use in-text citations and include a References list in APA format;

O Font: Times New Roman (12pt., black);

O File Type: Microsoft Word;

O Abstract & Running Head: Not required.

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