HR Knowledge 4: Performance Management / Appraisal

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Based on your review, please respond to the following:

Specifically focus on the elements of performance tools (there are 6 noted).

Select any 3 of the elements as being the absolute elements that must be part of your performance tools if you are in charge of developing the performance management strategy. Be sure to explain why you selected your choices.

Note: I would select #1, #3 and #4. However, you can choose the 3 that is easiest to write on.

Performance Tools

1. Demographics

2. Rating Scale

3. Assessment

4. Self-evaluation

5. Smart goals

6. Development

NOTE: You may not use more than 3 references for your response, and you must comment to a minimum of 1 other student’s response.

Professor’s instructions/guidelines for discussion posts:

Responding to Discussion Topics

Responses to discussion topics must be specific, effective, and qualitative; 4 – 6 sentences. Do not respond with personal stories or wordy filler information. You must stay on point with your responses. You are also required to use some level of research with responses to the discussion topics. It’s up you how much you use but there must be at least one reference used. All references used will be directly cited in your discussion response and the reference must be properly listed. If references are not properly cited in your response, 2 points will automatically be deducted.

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