hr analyze and organizations change

How does HR contribute to the organization’s change strategy? You will analyze an organization’s strategy by presenting a change that your organization is facing. You will also use a change model to present your recommendations.

To write this paper, please include the following:
* Select a change that the organization is going through and present background information and the current successes and challenges.
* Lewin developed the force field analysis tool to identify readiness for change. Some HR professionals use the model as a formal assessment, asking team members (separately or in groups) to rate the strength of the forces for and against change. On a scale of 1 (not ready for change) to 5 (ready for change), rate the organization and explain why you provided the rating.
* Write about the change model you selected in DFQ 1 and present how the model might be used to improve the organization as it undergoes the change. Explain how it could be used to help leaders and employees navigate the change.
* Using the content in the readings, present recommendations on how the organization could improve its change efforts and how HR can strategically partner with leaders through the change process.

Use what you learn from your research to make recommendations for improvement.

That said, please write a 4-5 page APA style and formatted paper that presents your analysis of the organization. Use your readings and research to write the paper. It should include a title page, abstract, and reference page (not included in page count). This deliverable will build on your final project for this course.

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