How TV ruined your life

How TV ruined your life

The assignment is a 2 full-page response paper in which you demonstrate critical thinking and insight into non-academic media relating to course content. You will select from the following options of articles, episodes, and web sites; read, watch, or listen to it carefully; search out aIDitional sources as necessary; and produce a paper insightfully and thoughtfully reacting to the content you chose, particularly connecting it to relevant course material.
Course material: Potter, W. J. (2013). Media literacy (7th edition). Los Angeles, CA: SAGE. (I’m sorry that I don’t have the electronic version of the course material nor the physical one) you have 3 or 4 sources for reference included the book (you can refer chapter 10,11,13,14,16, and 18), the option you choose to response, and one or two extra sources you find whatever can support your claim.

Options for you to choose to response:
Pick any one episode of the British series How TV Ruined Your Life available on YouTube.

Our Expectations:
• This paper must not be a summary or a review. It should be a thoughtful response to the material.
• Your paper should be academic in tone, that is, objective and thoughtful rather than antagonistic, persuasive, proselytory, or entertaining. • Your paper should aIDress the core of the material to which you are responding. Selecting some superficial or incidental aspect of the material and responding to it may be read as indicative that you missed the central point of the material to begin with. That would be bad.
• Your paper should be focused. It needs a clear thesis that actually guides the entire paper. It should not ramble.
• Your paper should not be driven principally by personal anecdotes.
• Your introduction should be brief and to-the-point. Save your space for detailing your thoughts and insights.
• Your paper should not principally parrot lecture. Connect insightfully to course content, but this is not time for you to prove you’ve been paying attention. The paper is a vehicle for you to convey your carefully formulated, well-grounded, brilliant insights.

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