How the Dead Hand of Imperial



Read this entire book review: “How the Dead Hand of Imperialism Continues to Influence World Politics.”

Article. ..How the Dead Hand of Imperialism Continues to Influence World Politics. The New York Times.docx



Type a 1-2 page essay, single-spaced (approximately 800-1200 words):

Follow this format:

(A)  Tell us in the first paragraph that you are going to discuss this article:  

  • What is the title of the article? 
  • Who wrote it? 
  • When was it published?
  • Where was it published, or what journal published it?  

     **Then tell us that you are going to give an outline of the article and then give the historical background for the article, referring to what you learned in class.



(B) Starting with the second paragraph, explain the main points of the article :

    This section should be at least 2 paragraphs. Be sure to mention what Puri or Zakaria say about “shadows of empires.”


(C) Then discuss what you learned in class about imperialism and how this relates to the article:

    This should be at least half of your paper. For example:

  • Explain the main points about the British, Dutch, or other empires we discussed in class. How is this related to the article?
  • You could mention things like mercantilism, the British East India Company or the Dutch East India Company, the Opium Wars, the stealing of artifacts (like the Elgin marbles), slavery (triangular trade), or the use of gunpowder.
  • You could mention the silk roads and China’s Belt and Road Initiative today

(D) Summarize with a final paragraph giving your opinion or conclusion.

For example,

  • Do you agree with Puri that world events today are really shadows of earlier empires?
  • Do you think that the United States and China are really “anti-imperial” nations?
  • Do you agree with Zakaria that Puri did not go far enough in his book?

This paragraph should be at least three substantial sentences. 


  • Make sure it is clear you have read the article.
  • Demonstrate that you have thought about the article and what we studied earlier in the semester, analyzed and compared them.  However, DO NOT just copy a discussion post.
  • If you quote anything in the article, or use specific information from Blackboard material, you must cite it.  For this short paper, you can insert the author’s name at the end of the passage or paragraph.

             For example:  Both China and the United States claim to be anti-imperial nations. (Zakaria)

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