Homework Question for Phyllis only

Online Learning and Your Goals

For your initial post in this discussion, describe how you envision the role of your online learning program in helping you achieve your career goals. For this discussion, your post may be written in the first person (using I and me) and should be about 250–300 words. Also, include your responses to the following questions:

  • What kind of work do you hope to or expect to be doing after completing your Capella program?
  • What aspects of online learning do you expect to be most challenging for you?
  • Which of the resources you reviewed in this unit and in the UOS do you think might be most helpful to you in addressing the challenges you anticipate?
  • In what aspects of writing do you most need to focus your attention? Respond to this after reviewing the results of the Writing Self-Assessment you completed in this unit’s first study. Note that almost all of the interactions you will have in this program will be based on your reading and writing.


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