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Searching online (www.canlii.org or any other reliable website), find and briefly summarize a case where the court had to decide whether to ‘pierce the corporate veil’. Do you think the court arrived at the correct decision?

For this journal entry, think about a workplace example which illustrates a situation where an employer should have a duty to accommodate and did not accommodate and/or acted unfairly towards an employee

Answer BOTH of the following questions:

1) Under what circumstances should an employee reasonably expect an employer to:

Change the physical work environment?

Change the type or frequency of work?

Adjust work schedules?

2) View the Employment Standards Act at http://www.bclaws.ca/Recon/document/ID/freeside/00…

Have you or someone you know experienced working for an employer who may have violated the ESA in some way? If so, explain what section(s) of the Act apply and why the employer may have been in violation of the legislation

The Internet has made it more difficult to protect intellectual property and confidential information. Indeed, given how extensively it is used at work, access has become an issue for employers.

For this journal entry, give an opinion as to when you believe an employer can reasonably expect the right to monitor employee computers.

Also, answer the following questions:

To what extent should employers monitor employees’ computers?

What types of Internet activities should employees be restricted from doing during working hours? Why?

Do you think that an employer who has caught an employee texting excessively at work, on multiple occasions, has just cause for terminating that employee? Comment on the following case heard at the B.C. Employment Standards Tribunal:


For this chapter’s journal entry, read the standard Residential Tenancy Agreement used in B.C.


Answer BOTH A) and B):

A) With regard to the Residential Tenancy Agreement:

What are the conditions under which a landlord may increase the rent for an existing tenant?

How much notice is required by a tenant if he/she wants to effectively end the tenancy?

How much can a landlord charge for a security deposit? When must the deposit be repaid to the tenant?

B) Describe a situation where you or someone you know may not have lived up to their obligation(s) as either a landlord or a tenant (if you can’t provide a personal example, then use a situation you have heard of or find a landlord/tenant relationship “horror story” on the Internet); just provide general details and leave out the specifics. If you share a story found on the Internet, make sure to provide a hyperlink to the story