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1. How does the physiography of the Huang He River valley differ from that of the valley of the Yangtze?

2. Why is Japan so much more heavily forested than China?

3. Why has Shanghai emerged as the most populous urban area in China?

4. What are the major ways in which Japanese cities differ from those in the United States?

5. Where are the non-Han peoples of China concentrated? Why are they concentrated in these areas?

6. What have been the main consequences of the geographical division of Korea into two states?

7. Historically speaking, how did China and Japan act differently as imperial powers?

8. How have the different countries of East Asia followed different paths to economic development?

9. Where in China would one find the most rapid economic development, and why would one find it there?

10. How does the position of women in Japan compare to the position of women in other wealthy, industrialized countries?

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