Homework discussion for Management of construction project class

I’m studying for my Management class and need an explanation.


I need help in my hw discussion assignment for Management of construction project class it’s about answering these questions some of them were related from the book which is i’m going to provide you!

You should have already read Chapters 16, 17, and 18. Please copy and paste ALL the questions below into your post and then answer in concise, grammatically correct, complete, and spell checked sentences.

1. Do all changes cost money and or add time to a project? Explain.

2. What are Liquidated Damages, and are they a Penalty to a contractor?

3. When would a Claim occur?

4. What is retainage? When can it be reduced?

5. What is a Schedule of Values and what is it used for?

6. Describe what is meant by Project Closeout.

7. What is Substantial Completion and Final Completion?

8. What are some of the Final Inspections required by public agencies?

9. What is “Front Loading” and what methods can be used to minimize it?

10. When is a project considered complete?

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