history review 2

Key Names

  1. John C. Fremont
  2. Jefferson Davis
  3. Ulysses Grant
  4. Clara Barton
  5. Popular Sovereignty
  6. Compromise of 1850
  7. Fugitive Slave Act of 1850
  8. Kansas-Nebraska Act
  9. “Bleeding Kansas”
  10. 10.Dred Scott v. Sanford
  11. Harper’s Ferry, Virginia in 1859
  12. Presidential election of 1860
  13. Battle of Antietam
  14. Emancipation Proclamation
  15. Battle of Vicksburg
  16. Battle of Gettysburg
  17. General Pickett
  18. Appomattox
  19. Thirteenth Amendment
  20. The Freemen’s Bureau
  21. “Black Codes”
  22. Carpetbaggers
  23. Ku Klux Klan
  24. Compromise of 1877
  25. Fourteenth Amendment
  26. Fifteenth Amendment
  27. South Carolina was never willing to work with Abraham ____________.
  28. After South Carolina’s secession from the Union, President ___________ sat by and did nothing.
  29. With the attack on Fort Sumter it was South Carolinians who fired the first shots of the ______________.
  30. This side of the war engaged only in defensive warfare 90% of the time.
  31. Southerners during the Civil War liked to compare themselves to those fighting the redcoats during the _________________.
  32. A decisive advantage for the __________ during the war were its better military leaders.
  33. In the South a man could get out of being drafted by doing what?
  34. The _____________ moved ahead with many projects passed by Congress except the building of a canal connecting the Atlantic and Pacific.
  35. Because of economic distress rapid inflation was occurring in the _______________.
  36. The greatest killer in the Civil War was ______________.
  37. After the war many African American communities began to establish __________ to help educate their children.
  38. The presidency of _________________ was characterized by scandals at the highest ranks of the national government.
  39. At the end of _______________ African Americans were in a better position legally and slavery had ended.
  40. Segregation became common in the _____________ after the Compromise of 1877.
  41. To deny them the imports they needed to survive the ___________ enacted a blockade against the Confederacy.
  42. Because they had a smaller male population the __________ enacted a draft earlier in the war than the other side.
  43. Many ___________ during the Civil War became nurses, farm mangers and business managers.

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