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my individual/PARTICULAR post FOR ME  is  What were the domestic and foreign causes of the Great Depression? How did President Hoover respond to the economic emergency?( I need this answered following the guideline.


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The federal government had already started to expand under Franklin D. Roosevelt the new deal. World War II had seen the United States Government expand its role in both the economy and people’s everyday life. The free market had to adapt to help the war effort with the auto industry by having their car assembly lines turn out tanks and guns, the shipping industry making battleships and liberty ships, and airplane manufactures, like Boeing, churning out thousands upon thousands of planes. This drastically changed how the free market viewed the government; instead of something that interfered with their profits they could take advantage of the war effort. With Axis powers defeated the new enemy on the horizon was communism led by the Soviet Union. For the first time ever one war ended with the next on the minds of every military leader and politician, we still needed our massive military that was now entering the atomic age. They were able to convince the military that they needed bigger and faster bombers, better automatic rifles, and larger aircraft carriers to stand up to communism. The free market was able to turn this paranoia to profit and ingrain itself into the fabric of America. Congressman had to know protect the jobs of the factory workers who were producing the weapons, forcing the army to buy tanks it does not need. Airplanes that cost billions to produce and have a plethora of maintenance problems forced the air force to buy more parts to repair the plane.  

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By nelson vazquez
What were the domestic and foreign causes of the Great Depression? How did President Hoover respond to the economic emergency?
     One of the main causes of the great depression was the US stock market crash that occurred in 1929, no one really knows what caused the this crash in the market, economist today gives various explanations, from investors foreseeing the depression to investors just reacting to wild speculations, truth is that the craze that follow after this market crash turned what it would have been another recession into the great depression that not only affected the US but it also affected the whole world, from Italy, to France and even Great Britain, another of the main causes was the fact that during WWII there was a huge demand for food, specially grains, so farmers where in demand, the government was even giving incentives to farmers to increase production, factories that where producing bullets, clothing and any other kind of supplies for the war saw themselves unemployed after the war since those goods where no longer needed, this increased the rate of unemployment drastically too.  
President Hoover attempted to ease Americans by saying that the economy would be back to normal and that there was nothing to be worried about, however his attempts to ease or fix the situation had little to no effect,  President Hoover thought that if businesses started to increase production again and they started hiring more people that eventually the economy would go back to normal but since no one had any money to spend and manufactures where not selling their goods , they saw no reason to hire more people, Hoover also tried cutting Federal spending and rising taxes but this just made people spend even less, in the end Hoover provided emergency loans to industries and banks, helped states offer reliefs and created public works but it just was not enough.

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By john saul
1915, DW Griffiths movie “Birth of a Nation” sparks renewed interest in the Klan, the Klan of course beginning in 1865 eight months after the Civil War in Tennessee.  1920’s the Klan gains increased energy with not only their racist rhetoric yet their anti-Catholic, anti-Communism etc. rhetoric.  1920,s saw a Klan population of 2-4 million, however anti- Klan sentiment grew and by the end of the 20’s membership is down to 40,000.  The rise of religious fundamentalism was due to the rise of cultaralism opposed by traditionalism, women’s rights, voting, alcohol, race, traditional values were put to the test.  In both of these scenarios the “status quo” of perceived correctness was in all honesty being opposed by the democratic process put into place by our founding fathers, yes at all levels violence manifested itself by hooded fools, however the voices of the fundamentalist were being carried onto the streets in protest in organized marches to oppose racial reform, promoting anti-Semitism, to oppose alcohol, and women’s voting, this traditionalist behavior led to religious fundamentalism.   I read an article citing “biblical criticism” from “old-stock whites”, non-Protestant immigrants flooding American streets, the teachings of Darwinism, the perceived elitist mentality of educators, all of whom being payed by them the tax payer.
                In conclusion whether in 2016, or 1925, women voting or Bernie Sanders running for President, those who do not celebrate the democratic process, the Constitution as it is written, those who get uneasy and the perceived liberal onslaught of America will always openly and violently oppose the “non- traditional” ideals of America.  I simply rely on the Constitution, as it is written, to guide my belief in the greatness of this nation!  I find it gut wrenching to think that people coin themselves patriots while at the same time denounce immigration and religious freedom!
Griffith, D. W., Dixon, T., & Triangle Film Corporation. (1915). Birth of a nation. Los Angeles, CA: Triangle Film Corp..



The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1865 to oppose the government in the national efforts which increased the rights to African Americans (History, 2016).  The KKK started as a way for Confederate soldiers to socialize and would ultimately be held responsible for the death of thousands (KPBS, 2013).  By 1868, the KKK had become a large organization and had participated in riots, murders and other terrorist activities in the South (KPBS, 2013).  Many white Southerners joined in order to preserve a “white-dominated society” according to KPBS (2013).  They orchestrated murder of Republican leaders and supporters in order to weaken the Republican influence towards increasing the quality of life for African Americans (KPBS, 2013).  While gearing up for the election, the Klan focused on intimidation to prevent Republicans from being voted into office and while they were successful in some states (Kansas, Georgia and Louisiana), Grant was elected and accompanied by a majority Republican Congress (KPBS, 2013).  America as a whole realized that in order to establish equal rights for African Americans, laws had to become stricter and African Americans were soon given the right to vote.  In 1870 and 71, laws were passed making it a crime to tamper with a voters registration, holding public office or jury duties of African Americans (KPBS, 2013).  Later in 1871, the Ku Klux Klan Act was passed which allowed Klan members to be arrested and convicted until the act was overturned by the Supreme Court in 1882 (KPBS, 2013). 
History.com.  (2016).  KKK founded.  Retrieved February 24, 2016, from http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/kkk-founded

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