Historical Documents/Government/Finances

Historical Documents/Government/Finances

The issue here is to develop an understanding of the United States Government through historical documents, Government operation, comparing different forms of government and state, local and federal finances.

RESEARCH: Research the following. Questions 1-4 are worth 25 points each.

A. Historical Documents: Examine the following historical documents: the U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. Use sources below or site your own sources and complete the following questions for each document.



1. Date(s) of Document:
2. Author(s) of Document:
3. What was the purpose, goal or intent?

B. Forms/Theories of Government:
Research and Discuss the following forms or theories of government listed below and give a current example.

A. Communism
B. Marxist
C. Socialism
D. Monarchy
E. Republic Assignment
F. Dictator
G. Totalitrianism

C. Money

a. What is the Federal Reserve?

b. What is the Free Market?

c. Currently the United States is in debt. What is the current debt amount? How did the United States become so far in debt? If you were able to decide the tax structure, what would you choose (flat, fair, progressive) and why? Should individuals that do not pay into the tax structure be entitled to receive or benefit from taxes? Why? How much of every dollar that you earn should you be entitled to keep?

d. SPENDING: Name 10 things the local, 10 things the state and 10 things the federal government spend the taxpayer’s money on.

e. Create a personal budget, assume you get a job upon graduation, figure out your salary at an entry level position; gross and net, subtract the local, state and federal taxes, the mortgage or rent and home owners insurance, food, pg and e, car insurance and car payment, health insurance and co-pays, vision, dental, gas, phone, cable, internet, prescriptions, household items, necessities (CLOTHING AND PERSONAL ITEMS), if children are included then you must include the cost of raising them (day care, medical expenses etc.)
D. ANALYSIS/CONCLUSION: Compile all of your research material and write a 1 page paper about what you have learned, draw conclusions, make comparisons, use data to make arguments, persuade readers etc.

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