HIS 340 Journal : Reconsidering Your Perspective

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The historiographical and methodological options open to you may seem bewildering at first, but they may also seem exciting, as they make it possible to examine nearly everything from a historical perspective.

As you write your journal assignment, remember that you do not necessarily have to adopt a trendy approach. Revisionism certainly helps the profession move forward, but an interpretation is not automatically disqualified or invalidated just because it is older.

If you find a traditional approach to your overall topic appealing, state the reason(s) why. If you believe a newer interpretative framework would prove valuable in terms of crafting your research proposal, state the reason(s) why.

In discussing your historiographical and methodological influences, address the following in your journal assignment:

  • Consider how the approaches outlined in the readings by Brundage and Cheng offer novel ways for you to examine your research question.
  • Identify two specific sources from your bibliography that use methods you find inspiring and/or influential.
  • Discuss the ways those two sources from your bibliography approach the same topic. Do they approach the topic similarly? Do they reach the same conclusions using different methods?

You want your sources to align, as this will assist greatly in your attempt to create a synthetic treatment of your topic. It is, however, always a good idea to consider viewpoints that deviate from your own.

To complete this assignment, review the Module Six Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.


Brundage: https://mbsdirect.vitalsource.com/#/books/9781119262855/cfi/6/16!/4/2/2/2/6@0:0

Cheng: https://web-b-ebscohost-com.ezproxy.snhu.edu/ehost/ebookviewer/ebook/bmxlYmtfXzQ1MDk0OV9fQU41?sid=8fd5fe73-97ed-4675-a160-3e58c7f40e2e@pdc-v-sessmgr03&vid=0&format=EB&rid=1

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