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1. Spend a few minutes thinking about your own literacy experiences: What memories stand out as formative? You may define literacy narrowly as the ability to read and write, as it has been traditionally defined, or you may think of it more broadly as the ability to make meaning in the multiplicity of languages and genres, media and communication practices we are increasingly called upon to use. (see page 3 in our text for further elaboration of this topic)

2. Think of a concept you recently learned about in one of your courses or just one you discovered on your own. Next, jot down some notes on how you might explain it to classmates who may not know anything about the subject. Would it be helpful to identify the course and the context in which you learned it? Give your listeners a dictionary definition? Tell them what kind of concept it is? Compare it to something they may already know? Give them an example? Explain why the concept is important or useful? Answer as many of these questions as possible. (see page 120 of the text for more help)

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