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HED 2100 – Unit 5 Assignment Instructions

Demographic Profile of a U.S. State and County

AS Description:  The county health rankings website (https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/explore-healt…) provides a snapshot of how health is influenced by where we live, learn, work, and play.  They provide a starting point for change in communities.  The purpose of this paper is to research a U.S state and county other than your assigned New Jersey County.  Thus, you get to choose what U.S. state and county you want to focus on for this paper.

AS Instructions: These instructions include a detailed description of what needs to be included (and in what order) in your paper for your chosen U.S. state and county. Any deviation in the instructions will result in a deduction of points.  

The following website will be able to provide you with the majority of the required data for the paper.  The majority of the data you will need for your chosen U.S. state and county will be obtained using the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation County Health Rankings (RWJF) website (https://www.countyhealthrankings.org/explore-healt…). 

Required Layout and Paper Formatting: Sections of your research paper will include a Title page, the main body and a reference page.  This research paper will follow APA format (https://owl.purdue.edu/owl/research_and_citation/a…), but an abstract page is not required for this research paper.  The paper should be at least 2 ½ pages long (not including the reference page). The font throughout the paper should be 12 point Times New Roman. The paper should be double-spaced throughout, with one-inch margins on all sides. Indent the first line of each paragraph in the main body of your paper. In the main body and reference sections, the running head title should include your chosen U.S. state/county name (in all capital letters) and positioned at the left margin at the top of every page and the page number flush with the right margin.  

Title Page: Include your chosen U.S. state and county name (as the title of your research paper), your name, Kean University, course number, course section, course name, the instructor’s name and the assignment due date.  

Main Body: Center your chosen U.S. state and county name at the top of the page (which should be page 2).  The main body of your paper will include the following section headings: County Demographics, Social Determinants of Health, County Ranking in Health Outcomes and Health Factors.  Each of these section headings will have sub-headings (which should be their own paragraphs and labeled accordingly) and are described below.  Most sub-headings will need to include not only the county data, but also the comparison data from your chosen U.S. state (except for any racial disparity data – only county data is required). You will need to include in-text citations throughout the main body of your paper.

County Demographics: This section heading has two sub-headings with multiple data points.  The first sub-heading is Municipalities.  In this sub-heading, you do not need to include any comparison data from your chosen U.S. state.  Include how many municipalities are in your chosen county and list them all.  Include the location of your county within your chosen U.S. state (north, east, and south, mentioning any counties that surround it).  Include at least two interesting facts about your county.  This information will not be provided for you in the RWFJ website.  Thus, you will need to search other websites for this information.

The second and final sub-heading is Population.  For this sub-heading, you will need to include not only your county data, but any comparison data from your chosen U.S. state to receive full credit.  In this sub-heading include the number of residents in your chosen county and U.S state. Include data from three age ranges – 18 and under; 19-64 (you will need to calculate this age range), and 65+ for your chosen county and U.S. state.  Include data for race/ethnicity, with the percentages of African-Americans (may be reported as Non-Hispanic Black); Native Indians (may be reported as American Indian and Alaska Native); Asians; Native Hawaiians/Other Pacific Islanders; Latinx (may be reported as Hispanic); Caucasians (may be reported as Non-Hispanic White) for your chosen county and U.S. state.  Also include the percentage of residents that are female and male (you will need to calculate the male percentage) for your chosen county and U.S. state.  Include the percentage that is rural for your chosen county and U.S. state.

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