health professions exercise choose 2 health professions other than medicine nursing pharmacy or dentistry

Health Professions Exercise

Choose 2 health professions other than medicine, nursing, pharmacy, or dentistry.Examples include, but not limited to:

Health Services Administration



Health Education

Behavioral Science

Environmental Health

Health Policy

Health Promotion

Use the followings as headings and write the paper in a question-answer format in the following order.

  1. What are the roles and responsibilities of this profession? For example how do they assist in the delivery of health care and/or public health services? Specifically identify the roles in prevention.
  2. What are the educational requirements including licensure, certification or other credentialing requirements? Are there continuing education requirements?
  3. What are the career opportunities including salary ranges and/or employment trends?
  4. What do you conclude are the positive and negative aspects of the profession? Explain why you have come to each of these conclusions.
  5. Use formal citations for Web sites and other references numbering the citation in the text and placing the citation at the end of the paper

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