health and medical 1

I’m trying to learn for my Health & Medical class and I’m stuck. Can you help?

Part One: Training Plan

  • You are to create a privacy training plan as the healthcare manager of a facility. Your training plan should include:
    • Timeliness of training (when training should be completed by for new hires)
    • Who is the trainer?
    • How long training will be (how many days and how long each day)?
    • The method of training (in person, online, etc…)
    • Who should have training?
    • How you will verify attendance of trainees?
  • This is part one of the project. The training plan must be submitted as a one page APA formatted document.

Part Two: Create the Training

  • For part two of the assignment, you will create a PowerPoint presentation used for the training. Examples of scenarios your employees would encounter, regarding each content item listed below, should be included. Follow proper formatting for a PowerPoint (at least 22 point font, do not overcrowd slides – about 7 lines to a slide). Use the notes section to indicate the script for each slide. The presentation should be a minimum of 10 slides including a title slide and reference slide.
  • The content of the training should be as follows:
    • What is HIPAA and how does it affect me as an employee?
    • What is the Notice of Privacy Practices, who gets a copy and what does it cover?
    • What is protected health information?
    • How do patients obtain copies of records?
    • What is the purpose of a confidentiality agreement and why do I have to sign one as an employee?
    • What is included in a confidentiality agreement?
  • This is part two of the project. The training presentation must be a minimum of 10 slides with speaker notes and be submitted as a PowerPoint presentation.

Part Three: Create a Confidentiality Agreement

  • For part three of the assignment, you will create a one-page confidentiality agreement using the guidelines that you just presented in your training. The agreement must contain appropriate spacing and signature lines. The confidentially agreements must be submitted as a word document.

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