HCR 362/HED 562, Section 2

HCR 362/HED 562, Section 2
Cultural Competence in Health Care
Textbook/Readings: There is no assigned textbook. Readings will be assigned each week.

Goal: To develop the awareness, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs and skills that give students the tools to provide culturally competent healthcare, develop cultural competent health messages, and assess cultural competence within a healthcare organization.

Objective: Attention to our own self-awareness and understanding of the complexity of diversity and culture in healthcare will be aIDressed throughout the course.

Class Format: The class format will include lectures, videos, small group activities, and guest speakers. Please note this is a working document subject to change based on the needs of the students. We will keep you informed of any changes.
• Schedule/Location: We will meeton Fridays from 9:30am-12:15pmin MSB329(Murchie Science Building).
• Prerequisite(s):Successful completion (C or better) of ENG 112; Junior standing (55 credits)
• Assignments: There is no assigned textbook. There will be frequent reading assignments from articles posted on blackboard. There will be 4 regular paper assignments and one final paper. There will also be required Blackboard Threads in which to participate. No late assignments will be accepted. Do your papers early in the week because emergencies come up, so be prepared!
• Grading and Attendance: Your class attendance is required for the entire class period.You will lose one letter grade for every three classes missed and ½ letter grade for every three half sessions missed.Your course grade will be based on your demonstrated progress toward achieving course goals and your contribution to the class. Your course grade will reflect your effort on the 4 papers (60 points total), the final paper (20 points), and participation in class and on Blackboard (20 points). Credit for participation is cumulative, which means your participation on the first day of class is as important as on the last day.

• Grading Scale:Letter GradePercent Grade
A+ 97-100
A 93-96
A- 90-92
B+ 87-89
B 83-86
B- 80-82
C+ 77-79
C 73-76
C- 70-72
D+ 67-69
D 65-66
E Below 65
• Electronic Devices: Laptops, cell phones, etc. must be turned off during class.

• Blackboard Threads: You are to participate in each Blackboard thread in a meaningful way (do not copy others’ responses). To get credit, follow the directions provided in class and/or on Blackboard. For each week you do not meet the required posts, points will be deducted from your participation grade.

• Communication with Instructors:Please make sure all electronic communication is emailedto BOTH instructors. You can aIDress the email to one instructor, but make sure to copy the other instructor also. Please do not leave anything for us in the office of Health Sciences and Administration, as we are rarely at that location.

• Paper Submissions: You will be expected to submit your papers on the due date in class – please make two copies (one for each instructor).Papers MUST be stapled to be accepted. If you miss class on the day of a paper submission, you must email it to BOTH instructors by 9:30a.m. the day it is due. This means papers must be in both instructors’ inboxes by 9:30 a.m. on the day it is due. Papers arriving after 9:30a.m. on the due date will be considered late and not accepted.

• Emphasis on Writing: Our department stresses good writing. We encourage all of our students to use the Writing Lab located in 559 FH, 766-6602. ENG 112 is a prerequisite for 300 level classes.

• Extra Credit:No extra credit will be given in this course.

• Special Accommodations: To request academic accommodations due to be disability, please call Accessibility Services in 264 UCEN, 810-762-3456. They can provide direct assistance to students with disabilities.Special accommodations should be requested before the first week of class to ensure the accommodation can be successfully applied.

• Academic Integrity/Honesty: Intellectual integrity is the most fundamental value of an academic community. Students and faculty alike are expected to uphold the highest standards of honesty and integrity in their scholarship. No form of cheating, plagiarism (see below), fabrication, falsification, or aiding and abetting dishonesty by another person(i.e. signing another student in on the sign-in sheet) will be tolerated. Such violations may result in action ranging from reduced grade or failure of a course, to expulsion from the University or revocation of a degree.

• Plagiarism:Taking credit for someone else’s work or ideas, submitting a piece of work which in part or in whole is not entirely the student’s own work without fully and accurately attributing those same portions to their correct source. This includes information taken from the Internet.

• Drop Deadlines: Instructor Request for Drop: If you miss the first 2 class periods or do not attend prior to aID/drop deadline (date available via the link below) you MAY be dropped by request of the instructor (this is at the instructor’s discretion). Voluntary Drop by Student: If you do not intend on completing a course you must drop before the drop deadlines listed in the calendar in the link below. (Please note the difference in tuition reimbursement for each drop date).http://www.umflint.edu/registrar/calendars.htm

Sept 4

Theme: Race and Ethnicity

Assignment: Discussion Thread: Race and Ethnicity

Sept 11

Theme: Introduction to Cultural Competence / History of Race

Video: Race Power of An Illusion: The House We Live In

Assignment: Readings:
“How Racism Hurts Literally”
“Racial Disparities in Healthcare: Highlights from Focus Group Findings”

Paper Assignment #1: Due Sept 18
Sept 18

Theme: History of Race and Health / The Social Determinants of Health

Video: Unnatural Causes: In Sickness and Wealth

Assignment: Readings:

“Whites Swim in Racial Preference”
“Understanding White Privilege”

Discussion Thread: White Privilege
Sept 25

Theme: White Privilege

Video: Tim Wise on Affirmative Action and White Privilege.

Assignment: Readings:
“A Gardener’s Tale”
“10 Things to Know About Health” (Unnatural Causes)

Oct 2

Theme: The Impact of Race on Health

Video: Unnatural Causes, When the Bough Breaks
The Gardner (YouTube, Camara Jones)

Assignment: Readings:
“Internalized Racism: One More Piece of the Puzzle”
Discussion Thread: Internalized Racism

Oct 9

Theme: Racial Identity Development / Internalized Racism

Video: A Girl Like Me

Assignment: Readings:
“Paved with Good Intentions”

Paper Assignment #2: Due Oct 23

Oct 16

Fall Study Break – No Class
Oct 23

Theme: Internalized Racism

Video: Eye of the Storm
A Girl Like Me

Assignment: Readings:

“Is the U.S. Income Gap Wider Than You Think?”
“Why Everyone Suffers in Unequal Societies”

Discussion Thread: Social Location
Oct 30
Theme: Place Matters

Video: Park Avenue

Assignment: Readings:

Richard Wilkinson Lecture, Ted Talks

Paper Assignment #3, Due Nov 6
Nov 6

Theme: Native American Health / Cross Cultural Communication

Video: Unnatural Causes: Bad Sugar

Assignment: TBD
Nov 13
Theme: Health Literacy / Assessing Health Messages

Video: Health Literacy, Help Your Patients Understand

Assignment: Paper Assignment #4: Due Nov 20
Nov 20
Theme: Cross Cultural Communication in Health

Video: Community Voices

Assignment: Readings:
Explanatory Models for Eliciting the Meaning of Health

Final Paper Assignment Due Dec 4

Nov 27
Thanksgiving Break – No Class

Dec 4

Theme: Explanatory Models for Eliciting the Meaning of Health

Video: World’s Apart

Assignment: Readings:
“Reel Eyes Disability Models”

Dec 11

Theme: Perspectives of People with Disabilities
Graduate Student Presentation

Video: When Billy Broke His Head

Assignment: Discussion Thread: Disabilities

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