HCMT 535 SUNY at Stony Brook

Part A

During the COVID 19 pandemic, providers, facilities, and government officials have faced unprecedented issues affecting the lives of thousands of patients. Please read this article (Links to an external site.). “Article attached.”

Then find another article addressing ethical and legal issues arising from the crisis.

Summarize the issue addressed in your article. Then provide an in-depth analysis of the legal and ethical issues involved. Try to be as objective as possible. Look at both sides of the argument. Explore the possible legal consequences of following the different options. In your final paragraph, provide your opinion of how the health care system should handle the situation.

The response should be three to four full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Part B

The case of Texas vs. California is currently being decided by the US Supreme Court. Several states are challenging the constitutionality of the 2010 Affordable Care Act (ACA), because the 2017 IRS Tax Code reforms lowered the individual mandate penalty to zero.

Please open the following link to the case and read the case summary. Then listen to about 30 minutes of the oral argument. The argument is divided into four parts of a half hour each. The first two parts advocate for keeping the ACA. The second two parts advocate for its repeal.

California v Texas (Links to an external site.) “Copy attached.”

Please answer the following questions.

Q1- Tell us approximately the section of the argument on which you are focusing for your post.

Q2- What did you find most interesting or surprising?

Q3- Did any section of the argument frustrate you?

Q4- Did listening to the argument increase or decrease your interest in studying law? Why?

Response should be four to five full, substantive paragraphs in length.

Please the response should be separate for Part A & Part B with questions 1,2,3,4.

Total pages 4 – 5 excluding cover and reference pages.

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