HCCC Elements of The Research

I’m working on a english question and need a sample draft to help me understand better.

1- How trimmed are your sources? Are they embedded in your research conversation?  Discuss specific elements of the research process that seem frustrating (or exciting) as you work through putting it all together.

2- Read the student sample paper, p. 634 and discuss its presentation:

Review the introduction—how effective is the story/scenario the writer uses?
Discuss the effect of anecdotes in arguments? Did you include any in your research? For what purpose?

Reply 1- Which side is right in the Isreal-Palestine Conflict?

I will be writing about how and why the conflict between Israel and Palestine started. Proceeding that will be the argument of who is right and who is wrong. In my opinion, I think the Israelis are wrong for multiple reasons. This issue intrigues me as people are still trying to find unreasonable claims to prove that the Israelis are right for fighting, bombing, and invading Palestine. I am trying to prove them wrong or at least see my point of view and many other people’s points of view. This issue also interests me as I am also Middle Eastern and situations like this affect the whole region. It’s only right for me to interest and talking about it. The holes I hope my contribution will fill is the previous history of how Israel even came to be. Many pieces of literature in the news have claimed what the conflict is about but no one has mentioned that Isreal was a country formed in Palestine (so after Palestine). This is a major piece of information as it raises up many points that are pro-Palestine.

Reply 2-An important topic I want to talk about is the legalization of marijuana. This topic raised many aspects in my mind when I saw the question in the previous presidential election ticket. Do you agree with the legalization of marijuana? Many believe that it has therapeutic benefits and that its abuse is not dangerous. But at first, I thought that it was a step for leniency, after which all drugs of all kinds might be within the reach of everyone. This topic I considered very interesting and has many aspects that prepare the discussion and clarify the necessary controls.

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