HCA 451 California State Univ

Economic Analysis Paper. The purpose of this assignment is to develop the ability/habit of critical thinking and reasoning. The report should be at least 2,500 words, not including the title page, executive summary/abstract, and references. Infographics are encouraged in the report and so are techniques/methodologies covered in class. Refer to the written report paper outline and rubric for specifics. This paper should be high-quality and must be APA
style, 12-inch font, and double spaced. The paper topic must be chosen from recent news/reports published in newspapers, journals, magazines, or the Internet. The key to success in this paper is to explain the economic foundations of the underlying issue or problem that appeared in the news. The chosen topic should be currently important and must be cleared with the instructor before proceeding. The paper should educate the reader and at least:

a. clearly state and explain the underlying health care and economic issue(s) and problem(s)

b. describe and explain relevant health, economic, political, and historical background of the issue

c. explain how economics is related to the chosen topic and what economic laws and principles are applicable

d. describe potential solutions for the issue and policy

e. explains how this issue, problem, or policy is viewed by relevant interest groups and how it affects (or is likely to
affect) various health care organizations

f. suggest what you think will be done now or in the future

g. suggest how health care administrators and their organizations could influence the outcome.

The BB Dropbox will be set up with OriginalityCheck, a technique that will search all the resources online and in libraries. The similarity index for your papers should be less than 30%. If greater than 30%, you will lose points based on the percentage of the similarity (e.g. if you have 37% of similarity, your grade will be based on 63% of the assigned points toward each assignment.). No late submission will be accepted.

Attached is the rubric for this assignment.

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