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Similar to a busines operation, traditional expenses used to cover a home should have a budget based on the overall revenue that one or more people earn from their household income. The main objective in my case would be not to spend more than I make and always have funds readily available for any unexpected costs related repairs, renovations, or replacements. A mortgage payment would resemble the occupancy rate as fixed amounts. There are also other expenses such as water, electric, and property taxes that can change due to politics or laws. They can sometimes have a variable amount that could resemble a payer mix. 

A patient mix makes me think of unnecessary things that I can do myself to help lower the expenses needed for home operational costs. These would include expenses such as lawn maintenance, housekeeping, and anything else that I could do myself without having to pay someone else to do them for me. This is where time and money become a major factor. If I make more money working to justify paying someone else to do chores and maintenance for my property, then it would make sense in that I would have a larger profit for myself at the end of the day. My goal here would be to have more time during the day to do things I enjoy rather than getting stuck in a cycle of using my days off to take care of my home and then going back to work again. 

Irelis Post

In my opinion and personal life experiences financial management involves controlling and monitoring financial resources to achieve personal goals. For me one of the key tools used for planning and controlling is the budget. A budget is a key management tool for planning, monitoring, and controlling the finances. A budget is a planning and control tool that helps everybody visualize and quantify a better future expectation. Having a good and organized budget plan as help me to organize my future and always being on top of all my financials. I believed the one of the most reason most people lack financial success is because they lack knowledge and not well educating themselves how to manage there own money. For example, it is very important to know all the consequences of using a line of credits, since this money is not actually your instead you will be paying so much interest at the long run. When setting financial goals be realistic and focus on the positive aspects, and try to always to debt free, which this can bring so much peace on your life. 


Richelle Post

The two slogans I chose are “Share your room, not your bed” from https://www.infantandchildloss.org/pdf/Share_Room_Not_Bed.pdf and “Bare is Best” from

https://www.cpsc.gov/safety-education/safety-guides/kids-and-babies-cribs/safe-sleepbare-best. I feel these two slogans are culturally sensitive, to the point, and easy to remember. Neither slogan singles out one specific culture, they are slogans that all parents can relate to. I know I am guilty of letting all three of my children sleep with me. Who doesn’t love baby snuggles? The pamphlet for “Share your room, not your bed” gives multiple, easily understood reasons why co-sleeping is not beneficial for the baby. Also, one of the exciting things for me before my kids arrived, was making sure their crib was ready for them. To me, this meant a matching bed set with the bumper, cute blankets, new stuffed animals, and babies so they would not feel alone at night… then I learned all of that had to go. “Bare is Best” provides a great visual of how the crib should be for the baby, to keep them safe. I feel these are both great slogans and explain the issues and solutions where everyone can understand.

If I had to provide one slogan to parents, it would be “Don’t make a mistake, snuggle awake”. Every time I would lay down to snuggle my baby to sleep, I would end up sleeping with them. If you snuggle with them sitting up, this would be less likely to happen. Also, if you lay them in their own crib instead of in bed with you, they will get use to sleeping without needing to feel you with them and they will become more independent. 

Berline Post

” Share your room, not your bed.”

“Give your baby room to breathe.”


There are trust issues between medical professionals and the public more than ever. A lot of parents are misinformed about some of the causes of SIDS and SUID. They tend to reject their doctor’s advice on the issue. They put their children at risk by listening to family members, or cultural norms instead of medical professionals. For example, bed-sharing might be a cultural norm in a certain household even though it is unsafe for the child ( Moon et al, 2016).

The aim of the slogans is to make parents aware of SIDS and SUID and they did just that. I do think they are culturally sensitive. They do speak to the issue effectively because they are short, informative, and easy to remember. I think they can improve by increasing awareness about it not just at hospitals after birth. We see commercials about how dangerous cigarettes can be all the time but I have never seen an ad for  baby death syndrome.

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