Gwenpool: A Lack of Empathy

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Three sections: Quickly describe Gwenpool including her origin in the comics and creation behind the scenes. Include who created/drew/inked the chars along with her in comic backstory. Make it pithy. (estimated 150 words). Talk about how Gwenpool’s story is consistent with the many world’s theory of quantum mechanics. If everything that can happen does happen then does that mean there could be a real Gwenpool? (estimated 200 words). Discuss how her reaction to being in a fictional world may be unethical. She sees the world she’s in as fictional and therefore sees no real consequences to her actions but if she can travel from this world to the Marvel universe, isn’t it just as real as this one? Does she assume she’s the only one in that universe with consciousness? Does her knowledge that the other characters are fictional effect her ability to feel empathy for them? (estimated 200 words) Do Not include: No intro or formal conclusion. I’ll write it myself. Just do the three sections outlined here. Notes: Cram in as many jokes as possible. Have fun with it. Here are some materials you may (or may not) need: Link to full comic series: /the-unbelievable-gwenpool/chapter-1/7 Link to Holiday Special: Link to Another Holiday Special (this one has a nice summary of her origin story): This is her introdution in Howard the Duck: This is where the Howard the Duck series begins: Here’s a great video about her introduction: I will also upload some books on the many world’s theory and anything else I thinkyou may find useful, use what you want (or need) and discard anything you don’t. Use these or find your own sources, doesn’t matter to me. ??

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