Group assignment, one page signle space, anwser two question. Subject is management information system

Help me study for my Management class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

In this report, you are expected to explain and analyze your business processes and performance during the ERPsim Graded Game you played. Be succinct and clear with your answers. In addition to your experience, you may use external sources like the ERPsim web site to create your deliverables.


No cover page, member’s full names on the header of the page, times new roman 12, single spaced with ‘0’ spacing before and after, and normal margin everywhere (2.45cm), Max/min 5 pages (charts, tables, appendices, references are excluded from the 5-page limit), and saved in pdf – This formatting is compulsory! Points will be deducted if the format was not followed.


1. Did you use the visualization tool provided by the system or the Excel dashboard during the game? If yes, how did this visualization/dashboard help your team make better decisions? If not, why? (1 point)
Hint: Did you use the build-in analytics function or Excel business dashboard? Did it help? If yes, how? If not, why not?

2.Graphically show how your performance measures evolved during the game (e.g., net income, net sales, profit margin, … by round and day). You can include the performance of other teams (all teams, best, or worst) in your graphs to compare your performance measures against other teams and comment on how successful your chosen strategy was. (1 point)

Hint: You already did this graph our previous exercise. Try to do the same/similar graph using SAP Cloud Analytics. Then, check what you wrote in 1.1 and 1.2, and comment on what the graph tells you.


  • Download the data (ERPsim Graded Game Data.xlsx) from Brightspace under Group Assignment 2b: Final report.
  • The data file is for all teams. When you analyze your own team’s performance, you might need to use the filter.
  • You need to create visualizations using SAP Analytics Cloud to show evidence and support each of your points for each question.

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