Greatest Works of African Art

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Greatest Works of African Art Presentation

Assignment: Each student will give a Power Point Presentation on a sculpture or

sculptural group he or she believes should be regarded and included in the Greatest Works

of African Art, c. 28,000 BC to 2020 AD. The work may be any sculpture or group

of sculptures from a distinct cultural group found in one of the texts. The sculpture or

representative group (from 7 to 12 works) is selected for its beauty and fulfillment of the

practical and spiritual/cultural function. In presenting your case, ethnic, technological, political,

religious and social influences may support your selection, and you may also use images,

youtube videos etc. from the internet you feel are illuminating. Greatest Works of African Art

is a minimum of 7 images and no more than 12 in power point, a minimum of 5 minutes long,

Writing is 7 pages of writing, images not included in these 7 pages. August 12. Note: it is

strongly recommended each student present by taking a section of the presentation.

Greatest African Work Power Point Presentation with (notes speaker) you can write it in the PowerPoint I will separate them …

I. Slides 1-2. Image of work and blurb, or primary identification

II. Slides 2-4/5 Images of important historical or cultural background,

showing the Practical Function or the Spiritual/Cultural Function of the

Work(s) you choose as understanding the story of this work. Include the

Weltauchuung, if pertinent.

III. Slides 4-6 Images of the work in situ, if possible, and an analysis of the dominant

Artistic elements.

IV. Slides 6-10, Images of the legacy of the work, showing works similar that

Influenced works of other African cultural groups and/or Western artistic


V. Slides 10-12, Wrap up. Make your strongest case why your choice is

The Greatest Work of African Art. This should include historical, cultural,

Aesthetic reasons as well as how you perceive the work is showing its

influence in 2020. At the end, ask for questions.

The Greatest Written Submission follows I through V above.

Note: Power Point is a Visual Format, only blurbs should be the writing on

You can find the text here

African Art in Cultural Perspective: An Introduction by William Bascom, NY: Norton, 1973.

Early Art and Architecture of Africa

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