Grantham University Microsoft Office Training Document

Question Description


Over the past 4 weeks, you have been working with the various applications of Microsoft Office and learned a bit about your computer. In this final week, you are going to take what you’ve learned and apply it to a final project for class.


You are going to create your final project by creating it in the Microsoft Office application of your choice – Word, PowerPoint, or Excel.

Create a document that would be considered relevant to the field that you’re going to school for. This document can use real or fictitious information. This document should be deemed as useful – for example if you choose Microsoft Word, consider writing a short training document. For Microsoft Excel, you can create an Excel spreadsheet discussing a set of data of your choice or a budget. For Microsoft PowerPoint, create a presentation about a topic relevant to your field or a fictitious (or real) project you’d like to work on.

Make sure to include all of the elements below in your selected format. These are listed below:

Microsoft Word

Your document must include:

  • Minimum of 3 pages
  • Page or art border
  • Page header
  • Page Footer
  • Two different fonts
  • Two different font sizes
  • Colored font at some point in the document
  • Underlined or bolded text
  • At least 1 inserted image
  • 1 table (any size)
  • Bullet points
  • Indentation

Microsoft PowerPoint

In your 6-7 slide presentation, you must include the following elements at least once:

  • Picture
  • Shape
  • Word Art
  • Table
  • Use of Speaker Notes

The following must be applied to the whole document:

  • Design of your choice
  • Transitions between on each slide
  • Animation on each slide
  • Header or footer

Microsoft Excel

In your spreadsheet, you must include the following elements at least once:

  • Create a header row
  • Create 2 new worksheets
  • Color code and name the worksheets
  • Use the Merge and Center feature
  • Use cell shading
  • Apply cell borders
  • Insert an image
  • Apply at least 3 different formulas (one including the SUM function)
  • Create a chart of your choice and place it on the second worksheet

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