goodwill impairment 1

1- The topic is ” Goodwill impairment ”

2- I want you to write 2 full pages ( double space ) for my part ( the introduction ) which highlighted with red color.

3- I care about quality rather than quantity.

4- When you move from my part to the next part, I want it to be a smooth transition. ( It is a group research ) So, I don’t want the reader to notice that there is an odd jump.

5- As you read in the outline, we are going to talk generally about Goodwill impairment then we will be more specific when we write about ( General Electric ) and their issue with Goodwill. So, I want you to tell the reader that we are going to talk about General Electric. So, Please read the whole outline to understand deeply the purpose of the research.

6- The plagiarism must be ZERO.

7- The references used must be listed

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