GMU Organizational Analysis a

Aim: To develop students’ critical thinking and analytical skills in evaluating the quality of research evidence.

–Carefully read the two articles (available in the Reading List):

1. Hewett, R., Shantz, A., & Mundy, J. (2019). Information, beliefs, and motivation: The antecedents to human resource attributions. Journal of Organizational Behavior, 40(5), 570-586 Article 1 Hewett et al 2018.pdf Download Article 1 Hewett et al 2018.pdf

2. Baruch, Y., Prouska, R., Ollier-Malaterre, A., & Bunk, J. (2017). Swearing at work: the mixed outcomes of profanity. Journal of Managerial Psychology, 32, 2, 149-162 Article 2 Baruch et al 2017.pdf Download Article 2 Baruch et al 2017.pdf

Summarise the key points in each article and formulate your thoughts and views on each article.

–You are expected to go beyond reading these two articles and research relevant articles on the articles to formulate a broader and more evidence-based view of the topic covered in the article, and to integrate this research into your written review.

For each article, you should:

–Describe the purpose of the article (20%)

–Analyse the strengths and limitations of the research design and methods used to collect the data (40%)

–Discuss the main findings and implications for evidence-based management on the article and provide recommendation for better practice. (40%)

We recommend structuring your report according to the three subheadings (Describe, Analyse, Discuss) – refer to the Essay Report Download Essay Report rubric.

We have also developed a GUIDE on How to Review Research Papers Download GUIDE on How to Review Research Papers ? Please refer to this document for some additional guidance.

Each review is is worth 20% (i.e., the two reviews together are worth 40% of the total course mark).

Word length: 1800 words total length (excluding reference list). Each review should be approximately 900 words.

Submit your essay report with both reviews in one file.

In total, a minimum of six (6) academic references must be used for this assignment (refer to the recommended list of high quality journals Download high quality journals ).

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