global health issue 1

Purpose of Creative Exercise: Students are encouraged to think about how they would share information from their report with key/select stakeholders in order to encourage participation/collaboration to address the health issue/problem/concern.

Content for Creative Exercise: Students should consider the following questions when preparing the document for the creative exercise:

– Given the developing region/context, is the information easily accessible to the primary audience?

– Is the primary audience for the document clear (e.g., civil society, community members, nongovernmental organizations, policymakers, researchers, etc)?

– Does the document highlight key background information? Is the information (e.g., terminology, data/statistics) appropriate for the primary audience?

– Does the document outline how individuals and/or the primary audience can get involved or do something? Does the final product encourage participation/collaboration to address the health issue/problem/concern? Are the proposed strategies for involvement consistent with other global health concepts (e.g., global health ethics, rules/regulations/legislation, feasibility, etc)?

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