George Washington University Clean Up and Remediation Contractor Discussion

Question Description
the main assignment is the paper which has to answers these following points.

1. Description of your role, i.e. the function / job of this individual and why / how they would be interested in the disaster. Also include a brief list of concerns regarding the disaster. (2 Points)

2. Your recommendations for how to address the disaster. Be sure to consider short- and longterm clean-up / remediation, health, and environmental impacts. Remember to make sure any recommendations that you offer are consistent with your role. (2 Points)

3. List of all references consulted as part of your research. Your references should be in APA format. If you need additional assistance review the University Writing Center APA Quick Guide that is posted on BlackBoard. (2 Points)

4. As with any document – grammar and spelling will count! So remember to proof / review it for errors before submission. (2 Points)

for question number 1 on the paper, my role is Clean-up and Remediation Contractor – Contracted by General Electric.

Also, I need these question to be briefly (just briefly) answered:

1. What immediate actions should be utilized to mitigate the oil and liquid electric coolant spill?

2. Impact on the health of the local population? Think about short- and long-term effects.

3. Impact on the environment? Think about short- and long-term effects.

4. Impact on the local economy? Think about short- and long-term effects.

5. Laws and regulations regarding this disaster and to prevent future disasters?

6. Monetary compensation for loss? Think about who should be compensated.

7. Clean-up efforts? Think about short- and long-term.

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