geography question changes in the number of people of different ages in queens area in new york

1. introduction: The topic is the changes in the number of Korean people of different ages in Queens area in New York. In the paper, you should introduce your study by describing the background of your study, the reason of choosing the topic, as well as the significance of you study. you should answer follow question : what does this paper study? why do you choose this topic? why it is worth a research? what is the significance of your study?

2. literature review: you need to briefly review what other scholars have already addressed this topic. you need to state the methods you utilize,

3. research design: the data set you use or how you collect your own data. Specifically, you need to answer the following questions: where is your study area? how does that relate to your research topic? what research method you use? Interviews, surveys or using existing information or statistics? if use surveys, how many did you do for this study? how did you approach your interview? what questions did you ask? if use statistic data, what data you use in the study?

4.findings: you need to tell readers what you findings are based on the data you collected. if you have a research question, you may need to answer the research question accordingly. this is the section you need to specifically state your points in the paper and it should be the major section.

5. concluding remarks: you need to summarize your analysis and your arguments if you have a research question, you may need to remind the audience of your search question. You also need to restate how the findings are different from previous articles, how the study is significant from others.

i will give you some data from the IPUMS, where you can get some useful data. and you still need to find some information on the IPUMS, which is very important. you must use the data from the files I give you.

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