genogram on the socenarion 6

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  • E. H., age 80 years, stops in to see the health care provider in the senior center she attends every day. She reports general malaise and a productive cough. Vital signs are BP 150/90, P 76, R 20 and T 38° C. E.H. is a widow as her husband (G.H.) of 40 years died 20 years ago. She finds it very lonely without him. She has several friends but many are getting older and unable to hear her when she phones them. Due to COVID they have not come together to play Whist like they used to. E. H. has 2 sons, R. H. who is 57, is married to N. H. and they have 2 children, M.H. a son who is 22 and married with 1 daughter S. H. aged 2 years and a daughter, aged 54 who is divorced and has 1 daughter aged 30, married with 2 children, a girl who is 10 and a son who is 8. R. H. has a history of diabetes and hypertension while her daughter, M. H. has asthma and hypertension. E. H. has a history of tuberculosis as a child. She also contracted polio as a child with only a limp and weakness in her left leg. As a child she did not get immunized. She has not had the COVID vaccine as of yet and is fearful contracting this illness. She eats very little mostly tea and toast and appears undernourished. She is pale and very thin. She states she likely weighs around 95 pounds right now. She does not smoke nor drink alcohol. Should any of these findings be a cause for concern? She hates going to the doctor and tries home remedies first. This describes her “white coat syndrome”. She has a sad tense expression on her face.

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