Genocide/Holocaust – Survival In Auschwitz – If this is a Man – Primo Levi

Genocide/Holocaust – Survival In Auschwitz – If this is a Man – Primo Levi
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Paper Requirements for : Review Paper on : Survival in Auschwitz – If This is a Man by Primo Levi. (ISBN) 9781492942580) Orion Press/New York

Class: Genocides – 300 Level College Class

Professor’s Instructions: You will write a Review Essay of a book on genocide, selected from a list I will distribute in class….(Note to writer: I selected the book I have listed above.

Essay should be roughly 15 – 20 pages. ( I have requested 16 to be safe. I will also have to do a presentation on this paper but I don’t know any of the details yet. So I may contact you again after completion of paper, if I need further help.)

The review of the book/paper MUST BE BASED ON Four COMPONENTS:

1. The actual book review of Survival in Auschwitz by Primo Levi (Paper must include a Thesis Statement – Remember the focus of the class is on topics related to Genocides.)

2. Important – The Review Report must also be based throughout the essay with incorporated analysis from the required course material, which are from two textbooks: Genocide – A Comprehensive Introduction – Second Edition by Adam Jones (ISBN: 978-0-414-48619-4
and: Defining the Horrific – Genocide and Holocaust Twentiety Century – M. L. Hewitt ISBN 9780131100848 or 0-13-110084-x

Chapters that appear MOST significant (in my opinion) to Auschwitz paper …I have listed below by Author:

Author Jones: Introduction, Chapter 1, 2,6 11, 12, 13
Author Hewitt: Preface, Introduction 1-29 Part of
Chapter 2 and Chapter 5 – The Holocoust

Note: I know the instructor is looking for an understanding of the course content.

3. AIDitional Research must be incorporated from a minimum of 9 …10 or more preferred… of Peer Reviewed Journals.

Important Note: The aIDitional research must be Peer Reviewed not just scholarly journal articles. (I have listed two I found at the end of these instructions that you may or maynot be interested in using. To my knowledge, the site said they were peer reviewed.

4. Among other things, reviews must answer the question of whether the author properly conceives of and uses the term “genocide” and if the book is on a particular case study, whether the events detailed in fact, constituted genocide.

Other Instructions
– Paper has to be written in Active voice.
– Instructor did not specify a style but did say that
there needed to be Footnotes and/or Endnotes and a Bibliography. ( I put MLA just for purpose of instructions but I have never done an MLA style with footnotes…just Chicago Turbin style with footnotes. I am assuming you know how to do it if the professor just said Footnotes or Endnotes and Bibliography.

– I know he does want Times New Roman, 12 font and 1 inch margins.

Some aIDitional comments from instructor:

As a rule, avoid using the following words, phrases and styles:

“Actually”……………..overused, misued entirely unnecessary word
“very” ………………The weakest modifieer …don’t use
“impact”…………….Almost always misused as a verb…avoid use
“The Issue at hand” ………Don’t use…a filter phrase..serves no purpose
“oftentimes” ………………….Colloquial….Use “often” instead
“It’s” and “its” ……………. If You have to use these…use correctly. …this
goes for all variations of the possessive

“parentheses” …………….. Don’t use if not imp. Enough for text.
“Block Quotes……………… Keep to a minimum or do not use at all
Don’t use Passive Voice…. Example…”It was shown by Fitzpatrick
that the Bolshevik Revolution was led by

Use Active Voice………….. “Fitzpatrick shows that Lenin led the
Bolshevik Revolution.”
The two Primary Sources that I have found that you may want to incorporate for use in the paper are from: Genocide Studies and Prevention: An International Journal :

1. The Three “Switches” of Identity Construction in Genocide: The Nazi Final solution and the Cambodian Killing Fields – Maureen S. Hiebert Volume 3/2008 – Issue 1 , Article 3

2. From Lemkin to Clooney: The Development and State of Genocide Studies , Dominik J. Schaller, Volume 6 , 2011 , Issue 3 Article 6

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