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https://jonathangeer.bandcamp.com/track/cool-deli-meats (Links to an external site.)

The sound of the piece is a mixed bag. Although the texture is homophonic, the timbre of the instruments are different you have the smooth sounding bass guitar, electric piano, and the accompanying electric guitar and then blaring trumpets and the dirty sounding drum track. The harmony of the piece is mostly consonant with some sparse but frequent amounts of dissonance making it sound jazzy. The melody comes in wave it starts at the top of the range and then goes to to then go back up in the next phrase. This makes the piece flow more than anything. The piece is organized into a binary form, A and B, that infinitely loop one after the other. Part A has a single fairly pronounced melody that moves between the trumpets and the electric piano. In part B of the song the melody falls away leaving you with most the instruments playing in syncopation and others playing small phrases every now and then. The Rhythm itself is a fairly quick simple quadruple beat. You can tell this fairly simply if you listen to the drums. There is a click in beats 2 and 4 and on beat 1 there is a hi-hat that acts as a big down beat.


Chopin- Nocturne Op.9 No.2

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9E6b3swbnWg (Links to an external site.)

Sound: The sound is very mellow and repetitive. This piece doesn’t get to a crescendo but at one point does get pianissimo and goes back to the original volume, it somewhat stays the same. The sound only changes a couple times, but then goes back to the same repeated sound.

Harmony: The harmony is a repeated tune and a second one which is played at a lower sound in the background. The louder harmony is repeated and then changed, while the background harmony stays the same throughout the piece.

Melody: The melody follows the A B A B pattern, then adds in a new note which would be called C. In the beginning of the piece, the end of the repeated melody is met with the last note being higher than all the others.

Rhythm: The rhythm stays the same until towards the end. It begins to change just a little bit and then goes into the same melody.

Growth: The growth of this piece is repeated over and over and later on, new notes are added to the piece. The piece follows the A B A sequence and then later goes and adds in a C or Coda.

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