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I have an essay to write in my English class. I don’t have all the requirements for this essay yet so I need to start off

1. Post a hyperlink (internet link) to your source or a PDF.

2. Describe how you found this link (Google Scholar, library, etc.)

3. Provide an MLA citation for your source (this is how your source will appear on the Works Cited page).

4. Provide a brief description/ summary of the source and how you plan to use it (What will it support? What kind of evidence in the source can be used for your research) – just a paragraph or two. I will upload an example of how you can do this assignment.

So all the information down is to help you find the sources.

I will post another question for the next step. So the first thing is In your paper, you must have at least (minimum) of 5 credible sources. You may use the two introductory texts by Tim Urban (TedTalk) and Adam Grant (article) as two of your five sources. This means that if you include Urban’s and Grant’s texts, you must find at least 3 more sources. Remember 5 is the minimum, and you can have as many as 10 if you wish to do more extensive research. You do not have to include Grant’s and Urban’s text, but it’s a good idea. I have the Tim Urban (TedTalk) and Adam Grant (article) sources ready with me so you can use them later in the essay. So your job for now just to find the other 3 sources and this is the requirement on how to find them

What kind of sources are acceptable?

Because it is a research paper, you will be looking for sources in:

  • national magazines (i.e. Psychology Today). These magazines are written for the general public, but often include scientific research summarized by the authors.
  • professional journals: in professional journals, the research articles are written by scientists and researchers and are peer-reviewed. You must have at least 2 of such sources.
  • government sites and publications: For example, CDC (Center for Disease Control) is one such site.
  • podcasts that are relevant to the topic (listen to this example: “Inspiration Through Procrastination” (Links to an external site.) appeared on On Point program on WBUR radio – NPR – on March 13, 2018)
  • educational videos and lectures, such as Ted Talks

How to find credible sources:

You can search for credible sources by:

  • using Grossmont College library database (highly recommended)
  • using Google Scholar database (recommended)
  • using Google or other search engines (optional)

On the next page, you will learn how to use the library database and Google Scholar. You must use these websites to look for credible scholarly articles for your research paper.

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