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notes this{ I will warn you though. The alternate assignment is MUCH harder than just simply volunteering. It will take you more time to complete and honestly. those who have done this in the past have hard to earned 100%. It is a much more involved paper, 10 pages ish, with a crazy amount of detail required. It is much easier to do the 10 hours. But, you have the right ot the alternate assignment. If you choose this open. upload it here by the due date as well.)

Community Based Learning Project
Typically, students would do 10 hours of community based learning (volunteer work) during the
semester. However with the current state of things most places are not accepting volunteers. Also for
your safety I do not want to encourage any face to face volunteer work at this time. So, for this
project, students are going to think about the needs of their community. Students will consider
needs in their community and write proposal addressing a way that need can be alleviated. For
example, have you seen a big increase in homelessness? What about child abuse? Or crime? Or
Poverty? ANYTHING that you determine is a social need or social problem in your community
can be addressed in this project.
Pease make sure that you watch the video on Canvas that explains this project. This is an
involved project, one that you cannot complete successfully last minute
Please follow the instructions below and type this project up in the order of the topics. Students
can choose to do this as a word document OR as a power point if you wish. As long as I see the
answers and parts to the project, the format is up to you. If you do a word document you do NOT
have to write it in paper form, so to speak. You CAN number as you go.
1. Think about the current state of things in your community. What are some problems
people in your community face in your community? Poverty? Crime? Transportation
issues?  Please list at least 5 areas of concern that you have for your community. Feel free
to talk to family and friends (please observe your local social distancing, face covering
ordinances etc. per the current WCHD recommendations) about what they feel are issues.
Keep in mind we are looking for areas of concern but ones where a group might be able
to make an impact and lessen the effect of the issue.
2. Pick one of those areas of concern that you mentioned. Tell me more about it. For
example, if you said people do not have access to bathroom tissue, tell me more about
that (Don’t use that! That is just a crazy example) What is the problem? Why is it a
problem? How are people reacting to the problem? What is felt by people because of this
problem? Feel free to talk to family and friends (please observe your local social
distancing. face covering ordinances) about how they feel about it. Really THINK about
what is going on. Think deeper than just surface issues (for example with the lack of
bathroom tissue example, is it REALLY lack of it or is it something that is a bigger
concern). MANY times the issue or area of concern is outside of the topic in front of you.
THINK it through.  This should be a fairly long section – at bare bare minimum a page
but more like 2 + pages  is definitely a possibility ( but DON’T ramble!)
3. Now, think about what a group, you etc. could do to help FIX or temporarily make this
situation better. This will be a challenge for you. REALLY THINK about what would
make this better. Think outside of resources at hand. For example think about it as if you
had a little bit of money and people and time you needed to make something work, what
would you do. Do NOT plan this as if you have a million dollars and 500,000 volunteers. 

Go at this as if you are broke but see a need and that you will be able to recruit several
people to help plan and implement your event.  Again for example if the bathroom tissue
issue lead you to the conclusion that people are afraid of lack of supplies what could you
do to HELP with supplies ( Not just purchasing things ). What could a group do to say
get donations, distribute them etc.
4. Plan that event. As you plan what is your goal? What is your mission statement? This
will help to keep focus on what your intention is of the event.  What is the issue? What is
the solution as you see it? What needs to happen? Donations? Purchases? Where is the
money coming from? Who is your target group that you will serve? How will you get
information out to those who need it? If something tangible how will you get, say that
bathroom tissue, to people? Where will you hold your event? Do you need permission
from say a property owner to hold your event there?  What are you going to do about
traffic? Can people get out of their cars or are you going to require that people stay in
their cars? What about masks and social distancing? Safety of customers/clients as well
as volunteers? Where will you get volunteers?
REALLY think about this as if you are actually going to hold this event. Think about
ALL avenues, ALL issues, etc. etc. etc. Go as FAR out of the box as you like. Be
completely creative. Come up with a new idea. Take bits and pieces of other events you
may know of to create a new one. This will be the longest section – multiple multiple
pages. 5 or more is definitely a possibility. I might suggest that you list each question, say
in bullet format, and address each one, as part of your grade will be did you answer
everything but also did you do more than just answer the above questions.
5. If you happen to have been involved in some sort of event since COVID 19 shelter in
place, etc. issues you can use it BUT I want to see what you would change, what would
have made it better, what were some issues or areas of concern. Really delve into
improving something that has happened already.
Have fun with this but also really think about the impact you are able to have on your
community. Be creative. Be specific. REALLY plan this as if, say, a group on Rockford
University campus wants to help the community and they asked you to plan it. Hey you never
know! Maybe your group CAN implement your idea, when it is safe!
As long as you clearly have thought this out, you have all parts (numbers 1-4 above plus all
questions answered), you are giving me more than just a blanket simple answer etc. you will earn
all of the points. Don’t forget that you need to upload your completed project (whether a word
document or power point- or something else? Let me know!) by the due date. Creativity is 

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