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Within your Persuasive Speech, you will be required to advocate for a community issue that you are passionate about. In order to prepare for that assignment, you will be analyzing a video for the community issue of your choice. (Local area is the state of Florida).

Find a public advocacy video for a specific campus, local, or state nonprofit, organization, movement, or cause you would like to support. After you find your cause, you will post to this discussion board answering the questions provided and using citations in APA format. See specific requirements for each part of this assignment listed below.

Find a Cause to Support

  • It may be a nonprofit organization, social cause, or political movement, but it should work primarily on the campus, local, or state level(not a national or international organization or cause).
  • For charities in other areas, check out Charity Navigator (Links to an external site.).
  • You can find smaller social causes and campaigns at GoFundMe (Links to an external site.).
  • If you have social or political causes you care about, you can search those sites for projects related to those causes (such as education, clean water, solar power, food banks, or domestic violence.

    Find a Video to Analyze

  • You are looking for one video that attempts to persuade the viewer to take individual action or change their own behavior.
  • Often videos will ask viewers to donate money, but they may also ask for people to volunteer time or change their personal behaviors (such as boycott a company or product or vote for a ballot measure or candidate).
  • The video you analyze must have a person on screen, talking to the camera, for at least a third of the total video.
  • Please select a video that is less than 10 minutes in total length.
  • Watch the advocacy video and apply the principles of emotion as explained in your textbook. The objective is to identify and assess the emotional appeals. The purpose is not to assess the whole website, text, etc., but only the video.
  • Important: Remember that for this assignment, you should choose a video that has some visuals and motion– not audio with only still images.

    Prompt :

    For the purpose of this discussion please answer the following questions:

    • How does the video define persuasion?
    • Who is the target audience for this video?
    • What pattern of organization is used within this persuasive video?
    • What evidence does the speaker use?
    • What four tips for using evidence does the speaker use?
    • Based on this video, what can you do to enhance your credibility as a speaker?


      The posting is designed to give you practice in writing in the first person. This is allowed on the discussion boards and in your speech-writing. Speech writing in the form of an outline plus the discussion board entries in this class are less formal than research writing; however, you must add credible research in your initial posting. This mirrors what you do in your speeches, where you must add oral citations of your sources.

      • Consult the 7th edition of APA as a guide for your citations.
      • You must write 500 words for maximum credit.
      • You must cite and use our textbook at least once in the initial post using APA format.
      • You must cite at least one outside scholarly source using APA format.
      • You must include a citation for the advocacy video. Cite this in APA format.
      • You will add complete written citations for the textbook and outside source at the bottom of your post.
      • Be sure to add a word count and link to the video.
      • The book is “The art of public speaking” by Stephen E. Lucas

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