FSW 225 Miami University Comm

Community-Based Strategic Plan

Your assignment is to develop a comprehensive strategic plan to address a specific community need.

assigned citySeattle

You will begin by researching the issues and challenges that are facing youth in your assigned city, these can be related to school (e.g. graduation or literacy rates) or address larger issues (e.g. obesity, high rates of asthma).

To conduct this research you may look at reports, new articles, or state/district report cards. The goal is to identify a quantifiable and actionable objective that will guide your strategic plan.

Next, you will research promising local and national practices/strategies that could be used to help achieve your objective. Your strategic plan will focus on three different strategies that incorporate local community stakeholders and resources.

Your final submission should be written up as a 4 to 5 page, single-spaced, executive summary.

Assignment Criteria

  1. Investigate your assigned city and identify 1 objective/goal that you want to address. Your goal should be quantifiable and Quantifiable means that you can measure your progress and actionable means that it is a realistic goal that could be addressed through community collaboration.

Do NOT try to reduce crime rates, eliminate homelessness, close the achievement gap, stop poverty, etc. These issues are TOO big. For example, instead of eliminating homelessness, you might try to increase the high school graduation rate of homeless youth in a particular city.

2. Once you finalize your objective, you should research strategies that can be used to accomplish your goal. Look at reports, academic papers, and news articles as your resources. Eventually, you should identify 3 strategies that you want to used in your assigned city to help impact this issue

3. Identify a minimum of 5 community assets/stakeholders who could help support/enact the 3 proposed strategies. For each strategy discuss your rationale for the inclusion of each stakeholder (e.g. what sort of expertise or resources do they have). How do you envision the stakeholders working together and what benefits will they derive from their participation?

IMPORTANT POINT #1: You may use different stakeholders ACROSS strategies.
Example: You have strategies 1, 2, and 3 AND community stakeholder A, B, C, D, and E.

For strategy 1, A and C might work together.
For strategy 2, B and D might work together.

For strategy 3, E, A and D might work together.

IMPORTANT POINT #2: Make sure that you are using local, realistic resources. For example, if you are assigned BOSTON, don’t say that you are going to have the Red Sox come and teach baseball to kids to keep them active. Instead, look for a local community partner who is interested in this sort of work.

4. Finally, in addition to impacting the metrics identified in your objective, discuss the data that you will collect and how you will evaluate the success of each of your three strategies. In other words, how will you assess the success of your efforts.

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