FSMT289 AMU History and Specifications of A Fire Apparatus Paper

Question Description

you are required to research the history and specifications of a fire apparatus that is currently in use for a fire department. If you are a member of a fire department, you can use the apparatus in your fleet for this assignment.

You should report on an apparatus with pumping capabilities, typically an engine, tanker or possibly a ladder. Avoid reporting on apparatus without pumping capability such as a rescue, ambulance, etc. List the specifications of the apparatus including year, make, model, tank size, pump capacity, type of pump and primer. Include what year the department took delivery of the apparatus, and when they plan to retire it or move it to a reserve role if known. Report on the cost of the apparatus if known. Include any other pertinent background information. Include pictures of the apparatus in your case study submission.

Your paper must be a minimum of 250 words and in proper APA format.

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