Freedom Writers

Freedom Writers
Paper instructions:
You must use ASA or APA for the Work Cited/ Reference/ Bibliography. Summarization:
You will need to summarize the Freedom Writers video and please keep your opinions out of the summarization (Minimum of 2 pages; doubled space).
Analytical Response:

1. You must identify at least three problems/ issues from the video and provide 3 specific examples from the chapter readings and especially the PPL to support your arguments.
2. What are some factors besides the socioeconomic status differences hurt the academic performance of race and ethnic minority students in America’s schools? Please provide 2 specific examples from the PPL.
3. You must apply and discuss at least three theories Conflict, Structural- Functionalist, Symbolic- Interactionist or Feminist to analyze the problems or issues on Education in the U.S. You may refer to chapters so far in this class especially PPL Chapter 8 to complete this assignment. I want more examples from the PPL and the book.

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