FPX 5016 CU Operations Manage


Wild Dog Coffee Company, a locally owned company with a single coffee shop location, serves a wide selection of espresso beverages, small breakfast and lunch menu items, and a limited evening menu. The company is planning to expand the business by adding an additional location. While different menu items may be tested at the new location, their core processes will remain the same. You have been working on a process improvement in preparation for the expansion and are now turning your attention to demand management.

Your Role

As an owner of Wild Dog Coffee Company, you and your business partners are planning the opening of a second location. You need to prepare an analysis and recommendations for demand management, including forecasting, inventory, and scheduling, for your current location, so you can refine the model before opening the second location.


Include the following in your demand management plan:

  • Assess the impact of advertising on product demand. (see attachment)
  • Interpret the forecasting model for the selected product.
  • Use a simple linear regression model to show your forecast.
  • Use the additional information (see attachment) to forecast the pounds of espresso beans needed for month 7 if the advertising budget for month 7 is $1,350. Interpret the model and respond to the following questions for Wild Dog Coffee Company:
    • How many espresso beverages will the company need to prepare, on average, each day?
    • How many pounds of espresso beans will the company need, on average, each day?
    • To what extent do advertising dollars predict the need for espresso beans?
  • Prepare an inventory management analysis for the selected product.
  • In your analysis, include two different approaches to inventory management. What are the pros and cons of each system you analyzed? (See attachment)
  • Analyze the business’ scheduling management.
  • In your analysis, detail two different staffing scenarios for Wild Dog Coffee Company or your selected business. What are the pros and cons of each staffing scenario?
  • Use a Word table or Excel spreadsheet to show both staffing scenarios for each day of the week. Include the daily and weekly total staffing costs and number of hours worked for each employee. (see attachment)
  • Recommend an inventory management system and staffing plan for a selected business and product.
  • Detail the results of your analysis for Wild Dog Coffee Company or your selected business’ product to substantiate your recommendations.

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