Formal Paper #3: The Toulmin Model

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Formal Paper #3: The Toulmin Model

For your next paper, you will have to write an Argument essay using sources. Here are the details.

Your topic for this paper will be Poverty. You have to find an issue within the topic, narrow it down to a more specific issue and base your argument on that issue.

-Your paper has to use the Toulmin model. Your paper will have to have a Qualifier and a Rebuttal.

-You’ll need to look at your Claim and your Reasons (Supports) and make sure that they make LOGICAL sense.

-This paper will have to be at least 5 pages long but no more than 6 pages long.

-You must follow all the rules and regulations of MLA formatting.

-You must have a proper Works Cited page. (The Works Cited page doesn’t add to your page count).

-This is an Argumentative paper. You’ll have to create a CLAIM based off your topic and defend your claim using SUBCLAIMS and proper PROOFS. These PROOFS will have to be backed up with proper SOURCES.

You can use up to 5 sources for this paper. These sources MUST BE A SOURCE from the ACADEMIC DATABASE. No other sources will be allowed. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEMPTION TO THIS RULE

HOW TO WRITE ; Toulmin

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