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For your Final Project, you develop a 6 page research design paper in APA format on discrimination against Middle Easterners after the September11th event.  Your paper should include the following elements

  • An explanation of whether you would use qualitative, quantitative, or mixed research methods.
  • A description of your data collection method—experiment, survey, use of available data, field research, or some combination of approaches—and why you would choose to use that method relative to others. Include strengths and weaknesses of the method you selected.
  • An explanation of the measurement and sampling methods you would use.
  • Conceptual definitions of the key variables you need to measure.
  • An explanation of how you would measure each variable.
  • A list of survey questions that you would need to ask (if you plan to conduct a survey).
  • A description of the target population you plan to sample (including size of the population and other demographic and socioeconomic conditions, if known) or whether you plan to use existing data.
  • If you choose existing data, be sure to provide evidence of reliability and validity and a description of the sample, concepts, and measures used in the original study. Also identify any limitations of the existing data.

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