For the ATM of the Money Mart

For the ATM of the Money Mart Corporation:

i. As part of the systems engineering development team, use IDEF0 to develop a functional architecture. The functional architecture should address all of the functions associated with the ATM. This functional architecture should be at least two levels deep and should be four levels deep in at least one functional area that is most complex. Note that you will be graded on your adherence to proper IDEF0 semantics and syntax, as well as the substance of your work.

ii. Pick three scenarios from the operational concept and describe how these scenarios can be realized within your functional architecture by tracing functionality paths through the functional architecture. Start with the external input(s) relevant to each scenario and show how each input(s) is(are) transformed by tracing from function to function at various levels of the functional decomposition, until the scenario’s output(s) is(are) produced. Highlight with three different colored pens (one color for each scenario) the thread of functionality associated with each of these three scenarios.

If your functional architecture is inadequate, make the appropriate changes to your functional architecture.

iii. As part of the systems engineering development team for the ATM, update your requirements document to reflect any insights into requirements that you obtained by creating a functional architecture. That is, if you added, deleted, or modified any input, controls, or outputs for the system, modify your input/output requirements. Also update your external systems diagram if any changes are needed.

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