-For structural-steel cover-pl

-For structural-steel cover-plated beams, Fig. 10.20(c), the most likely failure location is at the end of the cover plate. For one such beam in a bridge, assume that the AWS design S-N curve for category E applies, where
S is the nominal bending stress range in the beam at the end of the cover plate. The bridge is crossed by numerous vehicles of various weights each day, resulting in approximately 1000 stress cycles of significant magnitude per day. The values of stress at this detail, and the numbers of cycles per day at each stress level, are distributed as in Table P10.43. (a) Estimate the number of years of service before fatigue failure at this detail is expected, on the basis of the design S-N curve. (b) If the desired service life is 75 years, what are the safety factors in life and in stress?

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