For Ray Writer

I have meet with the professor and we talked about the assignment paper attached”the concept”  about Max Wber, she asked me to follow the following point to get correct paper,

1- read the attached PPT and slide from the class, so in each assignment u have only to use sources from the Blackboard, no outside reference.

2- U have to relate what u write in the assignment to what we study for example in this assignment u can use some info from the note that I have attached or from the blackboard and then use citation like this( from theory class)or from the ppt slide (Name slides,2016).

3- the assignment should be about how was the government before Max Wber and how he changed the system recording to Max called the Father of bureaucracy.

Talk about the change how he make the government more organize.

4- each essay should have 10 citations from the blackboard, u can also use search from the school library.

so u have to fix the assinment that attached to make it right like what she said,but dont change everything and write new assingment.

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