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Create an elevator pitch for someone seeking a degree in public health with a 10 year background in health care. Currently working on a bachelors degree in public health. Discuss why you chose public health and why you are good at what you will be doing. 

Must include a Hook/Opening, Previous Experience/Goals and Aspirations, and a Closing.


-completing a bachelors degree in public health at Fontbonne University

-10 plus years in hospital setting work

-would like to work with vulnerable populations to educate and inform on diseases

An Example (should resemble this):


Hi, I’m Gena Smith and I recently changed my entire career path. I went from wanting to get my MD so I could work with patients, to wanting to get my PhD and become a research professor so I could inspire both classrooms and large audiences at a time. Although I’ve made a drastic change, I have stayed consistent with my core values. I went from wanting to be an OBGYN to wanting to perform my own research while working on public policies regarding women’s health specifically from marginalized populations: such as ex-military, immigrants/refugees, and even racial minorities.

I’m currently a student attempting my Bachelor of Science in Public Health at the University of Texas at Arlington. I also have been working on research projects for the past 3 years within the realms of mental health in vulnerable populations on campus, as well as maternal and child health. I’ve had 6 publications within these fields and hope to graduate in the spring of 2021 with a total of 9 research publications. During the school year I have held leadership positions within service based organizations as well.

I have also worked in a hospital setting as an LVN for 2 years in an attempt to grasp a better understanding of patient and health care worker dynamics. This is something that I can use later in my life when I’m estimating public policy statistics and can connect my findings to what I already know will work in these health care fields from my personal experiences.

Overall, I have always known that I wanted to improve the health of women in the community, and I hope to continue that dream by starting a master’s program within the next year. In the meantime, I would love the opportunity to work under a public health policy advocate so I can apply my graduate school studies to real life problems as well.

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